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Viana do Castelo Embroidery Heart Cloth

This microfiber cloth is a reproduction of an embroidered box cover with the distinctive elements of traditional costumes of Viana do Castelo

This product is inspired by the patterns of Viana do Castelo embroideries. They are certified handicraft products by Adere-CERTIFICADA with registered trademark and GI – Geographical Indication by Munícipo Viana do Castelo.

Microfiber cloths are ideal for cleaning mirrored surfaces such as glasses, screens and tablets. 19 x 19 cm. They are presented in a sachet with bilingual cardboard explaining the theme to which they refer. Coordinate with the glasses boxes.

Prod.: Viana do Castelo Embroidery Heart Cloth


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The embroideries of Viana do Castelo are worked on three types of fabric: linen, wool and tulle. Wool thread (on wool or linen, especially for the costumes) and cotton thread ( for table linen and shirts), in blue, white and red are used to embroider the design of camellias, spiral plants shoots, teeth, hearts, crosses, etc. on table linen. There is a greater freedom as to the colours and the mixture of non textile materials such as glass beads, spangles “trena” string and ribbon on the costumes.


Weight 20 g