Born in 2004, Terra Lusa® is a Portuguese brand dedicated to dissemination of the history, culture and art paying tribute the best that is in Portugal by the production and sale of cultural merchandising.

With the aim of pay homage to the national wealth in small articles of daily use, Terra Lusa products are an alternative to Port Wine or Galo de Barcelos that were offered to foreigners as memories of our country.

As a result of this need, the idea of creating a company that could honour the Portuguese craft, culture and heritage emerged. The motto of Terra Lusa is to create innovative products that can be “Calling Card” of our culture.

Terra Lusa presents various collections of products where each reference is a tribute to the Portugal Cultural Heritage: watches, fans, eco bags, glasses boxes, microfiber cloths, scarves and mini umbrellas, all divided in themes with roots in a typically Portuguese elements.

800 Years of History, Culture and Tradition which inspired the design of the various pieces where quality technology is combined with contemporary design. The pieces of this project 100% Portuguese are on sale in CTT national, Museums, Airports and Crafts Stores.