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Lovers Handkerchiefs Book Cover

The lovers’ handkerchiefs date back to the 17th century. They are embroidered with the care that can only be felt by the heart of a girl who has reached the age to fall in love.

This product is inspired by the patterns of Lovers Handkerchiefs from Minho. They are certified handicraft products by Adere-CERTIFICA with registered trademark and GI – Geographical Indication of Adere-Minho.

Made of cotton, can be used for books with different width and spine and high up to 23,5 cm. It adjusts with velcro.

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The handkerchiefs have their origin in the 17th century, when they were used among the Portuguese nobility as “marriage proposal handkerchiefs,” but later became popular as a way to start dating someone. Young girls at that time learned embroidery at an early age and later used these techniques to show their admiration for their loves. Common folks would write like they spoke which would produce charming spelling mistakess.

These young women would often embroider a handkerchief and give it to their sweetheart as a sign of their love just before he would leave on a sea journey to the former colonial provinces. The men would then wear the handkerchief in public to show everyone they were in a committed relationship.

Today, the craft is a regional certified handcraft where a committee evaluates the handkerchiefs strict criteria including the motifs, the threads, size and colors. If it meets their requirements, they certify it as an approved handicraft.

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