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Single figure Tile Fan

Fan inspired by a single-figure tile panel from the Santa Luzia viewpoint in Lisbon.

Of Dutch inspiration, single-figure tile appears in Portugal at the end of the 19th century. XVII, with themes and designs adjusted to the Portuguese way of interpreting life.

Polished pear wood fan with artificial silk printed screen;  open 43 x 23 cm; 24 rods; pvc pouch.

Prod.: Single figure Tile Fan


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The Dutch (Delft)-inspired single-figure tile, emerged at the end of the 17th century when the pattern tiles are out of fashion, introducing themes and designs more adjusted to the Portuguese way of interpreting life, giving them a markedly national style.

Its painting comes in a huge number of themes: flowers, animals (birds, ducks, fish, deer, gazelles, rabbits, dogs, cats), boats, houses, towers, baskets with flowers or fruits and also human figures.

The main characteristic of these tiles lies essentially in the dispersed ornamental pattern in the center, which either may be the only decorative ornament of the tile or can be completed by other secondary ornaments in the corners, connected together or isolated.

Source www.oficinadaformiga.com

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