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Guimarães Embroidery Fan

The embroidery of Guimarães is a delicate and rigorous work of cotton thread on homemade linen. This is a feminine craft, which has evolved from the popular embroideries used in traditional costumes.

Polished pear wood fan with artificial silk printed screen;  open 43 x 23 cm; 24 rods; pvc pouch.

Prod.: Guimarães Embroidery Fan


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Guimarães embroidery is a form of decorative needlework that derives from Guimarães in northern Portugal. It is known locally as Bordado de Guimarães. There are written references to the production of embroidery in this region dating back to the tenth century.

This is one of the oldest embroideries in Portugal. The originality of this embroidery is the amount of a specific needlework called “purl”, which is a very fine thread curled in a spiral, in relation to the enormous diversity of needlework used and the singularity of the geometric drawings of floral inspiration.

This product was inspired by the patterns of Guimarães embroideries. They are certified handicraft products by Adere-CERTIFICA with registered trademark and GI – Geographical Indication belonging to ” A OFICINA” of Guimarães.

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