O melhor de Portugal

Vitral Umbrella

The pattern was inspired by the stained glass doors of Arab Room of the Palácio da of Bolsa in Oporto

This umbrella is ideal to bring in your handle bag as it mesures 24cm. The canopy has a diameter of 102cm.


Prod.: Vitral Umbrella


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This room is the jewel of the Palácio da Bolsa in Oporto and  took 18 years to be completed and all this work was done by Portuguese artists. The decorative forms are made of plaster and all the yellow is gold leaf.  The glass doors, divided in three by Arabian inscriptions, were painted by hand and copied from the Koran. The architect chose this rich Arabian style, just to show the economic power of the businessmen of Porto of the XIX, who now had a rich decorated room to be used for official receptions. Furthermore, this room reflects how they lived in a time of romanticism that reverberated in artistic currents, namely the taste for exotic and artistic shapes.

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