O melhor de Portugal

Planisphere of Cantino Cloth

An anonymous author’s planisphere, drawn in 1502.

Known as Planisfério de Cantino, asit was commissioned in Lisbon by Alberto Cantino, ambassador of the Duke of Ferrara. It shows recently found lands by the Portuguese as well as the oldest known cartographic representation of Brazil. The meridian of the Treaty of Tordesilhas, wich divided the discovered world into Portugal and the Kingdoms of Castile and Aragon is also represented. The original planisphere is in Italy, in the Estense Library of Modena.

Prod.: Planisphere of Cantino Cloth


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Characteristics:  Microfiber cloths are ideal for cleaning glasses, screens, tablets and mirrored surfaces. 19x19cm


Each item of Terra Lusa collections is a reference and a real tribute to Portugal’s cultural and emotional heritage. History, Culture, Art and Heritage, beat timelessly, discovering one again the memories of a country that, without wasting time, sails towards the future.

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