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Viana do Castelo Embroidery Notebook

Portuguese tradicional embroidery of unmistakable features, applied mainly on objects of common usage.

This product is inspired by the patterns of Viana do Castelo embroideries. They are certified handicraft products by Adere-CERTIFICADA with registered trademark and GI – Geographical Indication by Munícipo Viana do Castelo.

Terra Lusa notebooks have cardboard cover, A5 (15 x 21cm) format, plane inner paper with 80gr, 200 pages, elastic band, satin bookmark and a back pocket

Prod.: Viana do Castelo Embroidery Notebook


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The origin of the embroideries of Viana do Castelo plunge into the rural villages of the county, where were found embroideries in cotton and wool thread used on rural female costumes. The motives and techniques used in the costumes confection have been shaping the embroideries of Viana, turned it into a commercial product and in a unique embroidery.

These embroideries are worked on three types of fabric: homemade linen, fine linen and cotton, embroidered in blue, white and red cotton thread. Embroiderers from Minho draw their compositions with admirable artistic intuition, inspired in natural motives symmetrically arranged. Floral arrangements are predominant, like camellias and hearts among other motives.

The embroideries of Viana has develeped to keep up with a more modern look, but without ever losing its defining elements; found new fabrics and textures as well as new uses for urban consumption objects. (in www.martaprozil.pt)

Terra Lusa brand presents several collections of products where each reference is a tribute to the Portuguese Cultural Heritage: notebooks, wrist watches , fans, eco bags, mini umbrellas, glasses cases, microfibre cloths and adjustable book covers, all divided into themes of Portuguese roots .

800 Years of History, Culture and Tradition inspired the design of the various products in which quality allies with contemporary design.

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