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“Festa dos Tabuleiros” (Festival of Trays) Watch

The Trays’ Festival takes place every 4 years  in Tomar. Also called the Divine Holy Spirit Festival is one of the most ancient cultural and religious events in Portugal.

Wrist watches; Japanese movement; 3ATM; nickel free; stainless steel back; ROHS requirements; acrilic box with carton; movement with 2 years warranty.

Prod.: “Festa dos Tabuleiros” (Festival of Trays) Watch


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In Tomar the festivities remained unchanged until the 17th Century and even today several of the ceremonies are still maintained, such as: the Procession, the blessing of the loaves, the shape of the Tabuleiro, the virginal meaning of the white dress worn by the girls, the standards and crowns as well as the distribution of the « Pêza» – comprises bread blessed by the Priest, meat from cattle slaughtered for the purpose, which, in older times, was immolated, and wine – to poor people. Little by little the ritual of the “Impérios” with its coronations, “Mordomos” (Butlers) and “Foliões” disappered, but the ritual of the main ceremonies is still performed in exactly the same way as it was in its origins.

The Tabuleiros are still carried on the heads of pretty young girls from villages and the purity and modesty of the people of our country is portrayed in the whiteness of their dresses and the simplicity of their ornaments, all the “Tabuleiros” are topped by a dove or a cross, the Holy Spirit creed.

The Trays’ Festival takes place every 4 years in the beginning of July in Tomar.

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