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Romantic Sintra watch

Wristwatches in Japanese movement, 3ATM, free of nickel, back box stainless steel and acrylic box. The carton with specification clock theme is in Portuguese, Spanish, English and French. 2 years warranty.

Prod.: Romantic Sintra watch

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“To see the world and leave out Sintra is to go blind about” so says an old proverb. Indeed, “Glorious Eden” as the English poet Byron called it is an assault on the senses: lush verdant vegetation coupled with fairytale palaces, castles and manor houses.

The Cultural Landscape of Sintra was added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 1995.

“Sintra is one of those magical places where man and nature come together in a perfect harmony, as if wishing to leave us in a state of permanent surprise (…).
Known in ancient times as Mons Lunae (the Hills of the Moon), because of its strong traditions of astrological cults, still clearly visible in the region’s countless monuments and archaeological remains, the “Serra de Sintra” is a granite outcrop roughly 10 km long, rising abruptly between a vast plain to the north and the estuary of river Tagus to the south. It is a mountain that twists and turns, projecting into the Atlantic Ocean to form Cape Roca – the headland that marks the most western point of Continental Europe.” (from the Portuguese Tourist Office).

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