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“Festa dos Tabuleiros” (Festival of Trays) watch

Wristwatches in Japanese movement, 3ATM, free of nickel, back box stainless steel and acrylic box. The carton with specification clock theme is in Portuguese, Spanish, English and French. 2 years warranty.

Prod.: “Festa dos Tabuleiros” (Festival of Trays) watch

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This watch is a tribute to the festivities held in Tomar. It is one of the oldest displays of religiosity and culture in Portugal. Historically, these festivities date back to the 16th century celebrating the Holy Spirit that goes back as early as the reign of king Diniz (1279-1324) and his wife queen Isabel, also called Saint Isabel.

During the Festival, the old streets of Tomar are decorated with paper flowers and the most colourful and original decorated street is awarded a prize in the evening of the first day. A number of other events are organized and there is always music, dancing and fireworks throughout.

The main feature of this Festival is the parade of trays, representing each of the neighborhoods in the district. This procession flows through the narrow streets of Tomar where hundreds of young women representing all the surrounding villages, carry on their heads a colourful tray made with paper flowers and about 30 loaves of bread.

The tray is usually the height of the girl carrying it and weighs around 15 kg, it is traditionally composed by 30 loaves of bread threaded on a vertical structure inserted in a basket intertwined with leaves and paper flowers. At the top, the tray there is a large painted tin crown with the Cross of Christ or a white dove representing the Holy Spirit.

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