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Façade Glazed Tile watch

Wristwatches in Japanese movement, 3ATM, free of nickel, back box stainless steel and acrylic box. The carton with specification clock theme is in Portuguese, Spanish, English and French. 2 years warranty.

Prod.: Façade Glazed Tile watch

24,95 €

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Portugal has a 500 years tradition in tile production that is one of the most original forms of art.

First imported from Seville the art of “azulejos” (tiles) became a national symbol. Through colour and variations of light, using industrial or semi-industrial techniques for an increased production and rigour, façades of glazed tiles and borders surrounding windows and doors are a fundamental feature of the urban identity in Portugal.

This wristwatch shows a detail of a wine shop façade glaze tile.

Weight83 g